A baking and pastry cookbook for bakers looking to improve their skills and a nostalgic look at growing up in the 70s and 80s in Halifax, Nova Scotia

So writing a book took longer than I thought it would!

Have you been dreaming of writing a book? Fasten your seatbelts, because I'm going to try and give you the lowdown on what that entails.

I began work on the cookbook in earnest in March 2021. I needed to keep my mind off my life falling apart. I had been planning a cookbook when the bakery was open, but never had time. Now I had all the time in the world. I set a goal of December 2021 as the competition date, then set to work. I worked every day on some aspect of the cookbook. Writing, taking photos, editing photos, having a meltdown (this is absolutely part of the process) and baking, baking and more baking.

For months my husband and I ate like spoiled ten-year-olds let loose in a cake factory. We are still trying to right the ship. I made batch after batch of brownies, eclairs, donuts, croissants. Turned our apartment into a bread factory for a while. Had the wine fridge stocked with butter. (Mister collects wine, so this is not an ideal scenario, but let me tell you, optimal butter temp achieved.)

As we edged closer to December I realized that this goal had been ambitious, catering and special orders kept me busy from mid-November. So I reset in January and pushed to complete the project. I completed the draft manuscript in March. So one year in.

After being encouraged to self-publish so that I could put exactly the book I wanted out into the world, I created a crowdfunding campaign because self-publishing is expensive. Very expensive. The campaign was a success and I sent Friesen Press my manuscript and the money and thought, oof, glad that's done. LOL.

Two months later I received back my manuscript, and when I opened it, basically everything was red. It took me two months to go through all of the editing and resubmit it back to them. This was July. Then they sent it back to me again! This time with really nitpicky edits like "why do you call it a sheet pan on page 64 and a cookie sheet on page 72" - jeez. At least the people I was paying to read it were. The second edit was sent back in September. 

Now it's time for the layout. First the cover, front and back. Then how do you want the interior layout to look? Page colours, fonts, picture placement. Back and forth, back and forth. By now it's October, 2022. I'm in full-on panic because I want this book published before Christmas. My publishing specialist tells me in a kind, but firm way, that this is not reality. I still have to order the proof copy which will take up to 4 weeks, then once I give the thumbs up, it will be another 3-4 weeks until the print-ready files are done. Then I have to approve those. On top of that, the printing cue before Christmas is ridiculous.

In January 2023, days before my wedding, I had a phone call with my publisher, setting prices. The original quote for the wholesale cost of the hardcover went up by $10. I was, upset. Some might say inconsolable, but emotions were high. The paperback came in at the wholesale cost that the hardcover was supposed to be. 

Nothing to be done, all that there was left to do is place a giant book order. And now I wait again. But this time, I am waiting to get the books in my hands, and yours. 

I have an idea for a second book, for the love of butter, someone talk me out of it!

❤️ Laura



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