Laura MacLeod

I began my culinary career in 2014 after working as an interior designer for 17 years. Attending the Pacific Institute of Culinary Arts in Vancouver, I graduated with a degree in Pastry Arts, Culinary Arts and WSET Level 3. My love of the pastry arts portion of the program influenced my desire to open The Old Apothecary Bakery & Cafe straight out of school. It was the perfect marriage between my previous career in design and my newly chosen career in the kitchen. Both are about finding balance; colours, textures and visuals. The new guest at the party was balancing flavours. Every aspect has to be taken into consideration, but the flavour is hands down the most important. 

To this end, I use the highest quality ingredients that are available to me. Butter, quality chocolate, Madagascar vanilla. Never fondant. I only see the logic in making a cake with fondant that looks like a shoe, if that’s also how you want it to taste. Cakes are meant to be eaten, not just photographed. 

My promise to you is that you will bite into a cake that is beautiful and delicious. Every component has been lovingly prepared, every layer painstakingly thought out. 

I also love sharing my passion for cakes and pastries with students. My classes are informative and fun because we are making food that makes people smile.

Keep an eye out on Instagram @toa_bakery for classes and new products :)