Bespoke Wedding Cakes

Choosing what to have for your wedding cake is a fun part of the planning process. I take into consideration the nuts and bolts, of course. The when, where and how many people we're feeding. But then the fun part begins. What are your favourite flavours? Maybe you had something on a holiday together that you want to incorporate? Perhaps you always make pancakes on Saturday mornings and those are happy times filled with easy conversation. You met at a coffee shop. You both still sneak sugary cereal when no one is watching. You like pie, not cake. This is an expression of you as a couple, and the possibilities are truly endless. Let's come up with a beautiful and delicious end to the meal you share with family and friends.

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  • "I had a pretty specific idea of the kind of wedding cake I wanted for the big day.

    When I spoke to Laura, she was both professional and excited for us. She worked with us, asking distinct questions while making recommendations that led to my absolute dream cake. I couldn’t believe how flexible she was on the flavors as well. She approached it as a ‘what do you want your cake to be like?’ rather than a list of ‘here’s what you get’. It resulted in a vanilla, salted caramel, and Earl Gray cake that was the absolute star of our dining room experience."

    - Darrell and Andrea Power